Selling Real Estate In Philadelphia

The Right Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home:

  • Philadelphia Top Selling Real Estate AgentKnows that marketing for most homes requires 100's of calls to neighbors, distribution of flyers & mailers, & open houses.
  • Routes potential buyers inquiries for instant ability to respond to while they are is calling from outside your home - while still most interested.
  • Broadcasts your home to over 380 sites, like Trulia,, Yahoo Real Estate and several Philadelphia local web sites. 

The road to settlement, the day we sell your home, you will have the top real estate company in the country working behind the scenes to make your big day, "no big deal".

We are Philadelphia's Top Home Selling Team!

For most of us, our homes are our most important financial investment. Buying and selling a home is not something to gamble with. The sale of your home is probably a big part of your financial future.

More than any other decision, your choice of real estate agents will be the single most important decision you can make when selling your home. Maximize your most important investment. 

Pricing & Marketing a Home To Sell It 

  • The objective - sell your home in as short a time as possible - for the maximum price.
  • Pricing your home competitively
  • Advertising your home locally, including listing it in the MLS.
  • Marketing your home to buyers through local and national listing web sites
  • Make hundreds of neighborhood calls to announce your house is available.
  • Use Flyers, Mailers and the Media.
  • Create property web site ( for buyers to see you home.
  • Marketing through photography, extensive property descriptions and online tours.

Real estate is not a passive market, especially in Philadelphia. A real estate agent can not expect a home to sell by merely waiting for a buyer. Your real estate agent will need to go find you as many potential buyers as possible. If you chose in an agent that does nothing more than just list your home - expect your home to sell for much less, and to take far longer to sell.  ~  contact us today & sell your home tomorrow.  ~  If you believe your home is an important part of your financial future, then you already know that you need to maximize that investment by choosing the best agent.

As your agents - we are part of your Home Selling investment. 

Real Estate Agent Hiring Don'ts:

  1. Don't hire a part time agent and know that virtually all real estate agents are part time. Should you let your most important investment be handled as someone's part time job - something they do in addition to another full time job? Hire a full time agent who's only job is real estate and the selling of your home.
  2. Don't hire your friend, your wife's brother or your co-worker. The sale of your home is serious - it affects your entire life, and the sale of your home needs to be done by the absolute best agent - period!
  3. Don't hire an real estate agency that is a low producing company. The smaller the real estate company, the far fewer resources they have available to sell your home. Your home deserves to be part of the most effective selling machine possible. I chose to work as an agent at Keller Williams Realty because they have the tools that help me sell property. For example: a 380 million dollar web presence.