Your Rights and Real Estate

State Consumer Protections

The Consumer Notice
Pennsylvania real estate law requires licensees to provide consumers with a disclosure statement at the initial interview. The disclosure statement is called the “Consumer Notice”.


The State of PA requires an agent to have you sign this.
By law the consumer notice must be signed as proof that you have received a written explanation of your rights.
The consumer notice is not a contract. Nor does it bind, or obligate you, in any way to an agent, or an agency.


Affiliated Business Arrangement Disclosure Statement

This document alerts you to companies that are connected to an agency.
The reason this is important is that, as your agent, I will often recommend different companies for you to consider. Some of these companies might be affiliated with my company and you have the right to know that.


The State of PA requires an agent to have you sign this.

It is illegal for a real estate agent to receive compensation for referring a mortgage company.
This is not a contract, nor does this obligate you in any way.

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