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Become A Philadelphia Real Estate AgentIt is surprisingly easy - especially with the right advice.  and ask us for help. We'll get you started.

You Don't Even Need a Real Estate License!

We can help you - right from the beginning. 

Need help getting your PA Real Estate License? We can help you with that!. In fact we're here to help get your career in real estate in place and we can advise you on the process from beginning to end. 

The first step is to stop asking: "How Do I Become a Real Estate Agent." 

and start asking: " How Do I Become a Successful Real Estate Agent". 

Becoming a real estate agent is easy, so its important to look past just getting your license and think about how you are going to make the right amount of money at it, and how are you going to love every minute of being a real estate agent.

Being a successful real estate agent isn't that hard either. 

In fact it is certainly easier than being an unsuccessful one!

All you need to become a successful Real Estate Agent, in Philadelphia, is motivation and the right environment.

The Find Philly Real Estate Team has decided on the Keller Williams Realty, for many reasons. - Essentially because the right environment is a requirement for a real estate agent to be successful.

Do We Work Through Keller Williams Realty?

How Do I Become A Real Estate Agent In PhiladelphiaKeller Williams is the Industry Leader in Real Estate Technology and Technology Sells Real Estate. 

At a lesser agency it it is harder to sell your client's homes and to find them new ones. That's a problem, because if you don't have happy clients - you don't have clients. 

Technology Saves Time. What might take an agent in another office, hours is often done with a single click at our office. You even have your own IT department.

Strategic Training. The better the office, the better the training. Some office have no training, while the top offices offer weekly training on topics like short sales, social marketing, working with buyers, negotiating and the list continues.

Keller Williams Offers 70% Commission. What makes working through a top producing office important is that the better the office does, the better the agents do. Keller William's can offer 70% commission, compared to 50% found with most other agencies. We operate here because this office is strong enough to give us 20%.

In Real Estate the top office is in the best position to become even stronger. The better a real estate office is doing, the more money they tend to invest in technology, training, marketing, the office and their agents. Many of the tools will save you time and money, which makes being an agent easier, much more profitable and fun. Simply work smarter!

We guarantee our office will be the friendliest, most supportive place you've ever worked. Not only will you succeed, but you'll smile the while doing. 

What are the requirements to become a Pennsylvania Real Estate Agent?

You must be a U.S. citizen, be over the age of 18 years old, and be able to pass a criminal background check. You must be able to complete a real estate course and pass the required tests. 

What is a typical day for a real estate agent?

Successful Real Estate Agents, tend to be the ones that keep regular, set hours. There are agents that work Monday through Friday, 9-5, and there agents that work their own, preferred hours. The one thing they all seem to have in common is that they keep regular hours.

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